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I sharpened my Dancing Vicious Bandyclef. It would be a long trek, but the demon Peryton that killed my father will have to pay! Little did I know that my Impressive Burlap vest, a nice piece of armor, would be put to a test soon Suddenly dozens of Billy Goats with their Dull Shortswords appeared out of nowhere! My trusty Dancing Vicious Bandyclef hacked into throats, arms, legs, even antennae! One of them nearly stabbed Cendard in the back, but being a Inner Mason he swiftly dodged the attack. Six of them were closing in on us, but my Holy Batpole XI spell reduced them to ashes! The last leg chopped off, a Arcane Candelabra of Submission found among the body parts, I dropped my blood-smeared Dancing Vicious Bandyclef. The battle was won!

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