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So it happened that Baulgrin the Wise said to me, "Seek a needle". We saddled our horses and put on our Leathers. Hours later I arrived at the lake, only to be greeted by Gelatinous Cubes. They were only wearing Corroded Lace, but the sheer numbers made them a dangerous force. My trusty Steely Bowie Knife hacked into throats, arms, legs, even antennae! One of them nearly stabbed Ybendal in the back, but being a Battle-Felon he swiftly dodged the attack. Six of them were closing in on us, but my Ursine Armor II spell reduced them to ashes! The last leg chopped off, a Sacred Diadem of Domination found among the body parts, I dropped my blood-smeared Steely Bowie Knife. The battle was won!

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